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Version: 6.x (Latest)


DevSpace provides several commands that help you clean up things locally and in your Kubernetes cluster.

Reset Dev Container

The idea behind the dev container in DevSpace is that DevSpace deploys your application using your prod/stable Kubernetes manifests or Helm charts, etc. and then, DevSpace selects one of your containers, changes this container (e.g. swap out the prod/stable image with a prebuilt dev image), and then connects to this dev container using file sync, port forwarding, terminal session, etc.

To reverse the changes that DevSpace makes when the start_dev command is called within a pipeline, you can run:

devspace reset pods

Purge Project From Cluster

To tell DevSpace to remove the deployments from your cluster again, run:

devspace purge

Reset Variables

If you are using any variables in DevSpace and you provided values for these variables, you can reset them using:

devspace reset vars

Cleanup Images

If you are building images using DevSpace (e.g. via devspace build) and your local Docker daemon now has 100s of images with different tags, you can clean them up via:

devspace cleanup images

Cleanup Local Registry

If you are building images using DevSpace (e.g. via devspace build) and a local registry was used for pushing images to your cluster, the local registry can be cleaned up via:

devspace cleanup local-registry