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Version: 6.x (Latest)

devspace --help


Welcome to the DevSpace!


DevSpace accelerates developing, deploying and debugging applications with Docker and Kubernetes. Get started by running the init command in one of your projects:

    devspace init
# Develop an existing application
devspace dev
DEVSPACE_CONFIG=other-config.yaml devspace dev


      --debug                        Prints the stack trace if an error occurs
--disable-profile-activation If true will ignore all profile activations
-h, --help help for devspace
--inactivity-timeout int Minutes the current user is inactive (no mouse or keyboard interaction) until DevSpace will exit automatically. 0 to disable. Only supported on windows and mac operating systems
--kube-context string The kubernetes context to use
--kubeconfig string The kubeconfig path to use
-n, --namespace string The kubernetes namespace to use
--no-colors Do not show color highlighting in log output. This avoids invisible output with different terminal background colors
--no-warn If true does not show any warning when deploying into a different namespace or kube-context than before
--override-name string If specified will override the DevSpace project name provided in the devspace.yaml
-p, --profile strings The DevSpace profiles to apply. Multiple profiles are applied in the order they are specified
--silent Run in silent mode and prevents any devspace log output except panics & fatals
-s, --switch-context Switches and uses the last kube context and namespace that was used to deploy the DevSpace project
--var strings Variables to override during execution (e.g. --var=MYVAR=MYVALUE)


Global & Inherited Flags