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Version: 5.x

Required Versions

DevSpace allows you to define certain requirements that must be met to use DevSpace for a certain project. This is useful if you want to ensure that all developers that use DevSpace in a project have a certain DevSpace version, specific plugins or commands installed. You can define one or multiple of:

  • DevSpace Version (require.devspace): You can define a required DevSpace version
  • Installed Plugins (require.plugins): You can define required plugins and their version
  • Installed Commands (require.commands): You can define arbitrary commands such as kubectl or helm that need to be present locally in a specific version or range

Requirements are defined in the require section of the devspace.yaml.

# You can either specify an exact version or a version range or even
# multiple versions.
devspace: '>= 4.0, < 6.0'



The devspace option can be used to define a version constraint for the DevSpace version that is required to use this config. Constraints can have =, !=, <, >, >= or <= in front of them and can be chained for a logical AND:

  • Exact Version: v1.0.0
  • Newer Versions: >= v1.0.0
  • Older Versions: < v1.0.0
  • Multiple: >= v4.0.0, <= v8.0.0, != v5.0.0


The plugins option takes an array of required plugins that need to be installed. For each plugin a name (require.plugins[*].name) and version constraint (require.plugins[*].version) is required.

For example:

# Each plugin that is defined under plugins needs to be installed 
# in the required version.
# Requires that the plugin loft is installed with at least version v1.11.0
- name: loft
version: ">= 1.11.0"


The commands option takes an array of required commands that need to be installed. For each command a name (require.commands[*].name) and version constraint (require.commands[*].version) is required. By default, DevSpace will try to call the command via NAME version to figure out its version. DevSpace will use the regex (v\\d+\\.\\d+\\.\\d+) to parse the command version and assumes the first matching group contains the version. If no matching group can be found or the command does not exist, DevSpace will fail.

You can override the arguments used by DevSpace to retrieve the command version via require.commands[*].versionArgs. You can also override the regex that is used by DevSpace to parse the command version via require.commands[*].versionRegEx. The version regex needs to define a single matching group that specifies the version. The first match of that matching group will be handled as command version by DevSpace.

For example:

# By default devspace will try to call the command 'NAME version'
# and use the regex '(v\\d+\\.\\d+\\.\\d+)' to find the version
- name: helm
version: '> 3.0.0'
- name: my-custom-command
# Override the default args
versionArgs: ["--version"]
# Override the default reg ex
versionRegEx: "Version: (v?\\d+\\.\\d+\\.\\d+)"
version: '4.6.7'